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Super Clean Superbowl Food

If you’re doing a January Whole 30, you might still be in a round or beginning introduction when Superbowl Sunday rolls around. Instead of denying yourself some of your favorite game day snacks or skipping the Superbowl Party all together why not make your own Whole 30 compliant (and Weight Watchers friendly) snacks? I’ve put together some of my favorite game day food below (clickable link below picture). My personal favorite is the teriyaki boneless wings (only 1sp for an appetizer portion!!!) and B’s favorite is the bone in garlic hot wings! These recipes are perfect to make for your party or bring to a friend’s for the game. No matter who you’re rooting for have a safe and fun Superbowl Sunday everyone!! GO BIRDS! E A G L E S EAGLES!!! If you didn’t realize I’m from Philly, now you know! 😉

Gluten Free Boneless Wings

Whole 30 Teriyaki Wings

Perfect Airfryer French Fries

Whole 30 Classic Coleslaw






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